Paul Alexander – Bachelor Uncle of the Week

I’ve never played hot tub pinball but I’m willing to try it out.

Disney owns everything now. They own Marvel. They own Star Wars. They own the Muppets. Disney has everything and it kind of sucks.

Science fiction used to be a fantastical place, full of wonder and magic. It was creative and colorful and fantastic. Look at this guys house. He’s got an ultra-wide TV, with a 3-tier electric organ and so many TVs. His whole apartment is built for leisure and sex.

Disney would never let this kind of science fiction to thrive again. They would never fund my vision of “Star Lover 2000”.

Paul Alexander is an artist who really captured something special about the Bachelor Uncle aesthetic. I mean, to put it succinctly, Bachelor Uncles are essentially nerds that like to fuck.

I think we should bring back wide collars that defy gravity like this. Gun porn aside, these two get freaky, for sure. Look at her sweet boots.

I think I yearn for a time when aliens and gadgets and architecture and UFO’s weren’t seen as the purview of goofy doofuses (doofi?) who don’t know how to talk to girls.

Of all the artists from the pulpy ’60s and ’70s – Paul Alexander was one of the best. The guy just nailed it. He nailed the wonder and the sex. He created aspirational fantasies for men who like space ships as much as they like titties. If you have time, just google some of his artwork and look at a future that we’ll never get to have. A future we’ll never be worthy of.

I hear Mr. Alexander is in poor health at the time of my writing and I hope he recovers – but it doesn’t sound amazing. So let’s salute a beautiful and talented artist. A man who captures the duality and complexity of us Bachelor Uncles.

Real talk – I want to live in that sci-fi moonbase bachelor pad so badly.

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    • Dude right? That thing is so neat. And it has like huge toggle switches or something that look like your penis could operate them. haha. Also did you notice the little portraits or tiny tvs on the rim of the hot tub thing?

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