Logan 5 – Bachelor Uncle of the Week

I’m all about this life.

Logan’s run is one of the most R-rated PG movies ever made.

Nudity? Check
Violence? Check
Drugs? Check
Coked out Farrah Fawcett? Cheeeeeeeeck.

Now, I know what you’re going to say “But Jack, Logan 5 is a Cop!” You’re correct – he is a cop at the beginning of this movie. It’s unfortunate. Bachelor Uncles by nature are non-conformists and police work is all about falling in line.

Over the course of this movie Logan 5 makes some really questionable decisions, but when faced with the corruption of his profession he has a choice to make. Instead of going back into the fold and living life as before, he decides to rebel against his best friend and everything he’s ever known and takes down the whole society.

He could have had a bad bitch – non committal.
Logan is clearly the bisexual hero of the mid ’70s.

And how does he do it? With a scantily clad, headstrong, idealistic woman. A beautiful activist with a gem embedded in her palm. How did he meet her? Teleportation prostitute closet, natch.

Logan lives in a swanky fuck-palace lit by neon, furnished with a plush conversation couch and glittered with chrome accents.

Clearly Logan 5 is pro sex-worker.

This movie came out in 1976 and depicts a dystopian future where almost everything is legal: except living past the age of 30. But even in the bleakest of computer-controlled societies, the interior design of Logan 5’s apartment still thrums with color and life.

Deep blue walls. Steel shelves. Chrome floor lamps.
Green plants. Red chairs. Chocolate couches.

Clearly Logan 5 is a lover, but he’s also a fighter. He possesses an ability to change and adapt; roll with the punches. He designed the fuck out of a sweet ass apartment building it’s core themes around chilling out and making love. He dresses for both style and leisure and he stands for something.

So we salute you Logan 5 – our first Bachelor Uncle of the Week. Throw on your kaftan, call up your best friend, and dial up some lovely ladies. It’s the fucking weekend. There is no sanctuary.

Francis brought snacks!

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