I have no idea what is going on here. I just want to be a part of it.

If I lived in Yugoslavia in the 1980’s you better believe I’d be subscribed to this magazine. This is everything I could ever hope for. I wish there was something similar in this day and age.

Beautiful women and bleeding-edge technology dripping with style. I have no idea who could afford a computer in Yugoslavia, but I would have killed my neighbor if this is what computers promised. (Maybe this is why Yugoslavia didn’t last?)

There will be a lot of posts about vintage and current technology on here. Nothing says Bachelor Uncle better than gadgets. In the mean time. Enjoy this image and join me in yearning for a past I never experienced.

4 thoughts on “Computers.

  1. Since Yogoslavia was non-aligned they actually had better access to western markets then other eastern European nations despite still being socialist country. Apparently they had quite a robust domestic computer industry though they were all expensive and geared to the Gov’t. Though it was easier by my understanding to get a C64 or Spectrum in Yugoslavia then in a Warsaw Pact country like Checkoslovakia or Romania.

    • This is amazing. Thank you for this in depth look at vintage computing in Yugoslavia. You are quite the wealth of cold war computing knowledge.

  2. I feel as though wealthy movie villains from the 80s was the apex of the gadget aspect of the Bachelor Uncle lifestyle. I’m thinking Superman III, any Bond film, RoboCop, etc. Also, not a bad guy, but Rocky ended up having a ton of bachelor gadgets in Rocky IV.

    • I think it’s highly offensive that you would relate this lifestyle to that of a Villain. While – I agree with you, the Bachelor Uncle lifestyle is often misunderstood and then classified as villainous; I’m very upset at the idea that just because I like gadgets and conversion vans that I also want to kill Robocop. I’m a lover not a fighter man! (But also fuck Robocop cuz he’s a Cop)

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