Marrakech Las Vegas: Bachelor Uncle Food Review

Welcome to the bedouin tent.

I’m in Vegas for the weekend but what better time that the present to start my new career as a food blogger.

My girlfriend and I rolled into town way late on Valentine’s Day due to a fatal accident on the US-93. So finding a good place to eat before hitting up the Neon Museum was finding to be difficult.

Living in the Phoenix Valley, you stop associating strip malls with retail spaces and just assume anything can go on inside the multi use space. Some of the best bars, music venues, youth clubs, weird stores have been housed in non-descript strip malls.

Google maps captures the exterior as a decorated but unremarkable space.

We planned to hit up a different restaurant than Marrakech, but when getting into the parking lot we had to check it out.

So with no reservation on a busy Valentine’s night in Las Vegas we stepped inside. The owner greeted us at the door and we told him we didn’t have a reservation and he accommodated us immediately. Big plus points there.

Look, the Strip in Vegas is opulent and insane, but everything is louder than everything else mostly. But off the strip? That’s where the weird shit happens. There’s a lot of run down crap holes on Vegas mere feet away from The Bellagio.

Off Strip Vegas is a literal crap shoot, but this night we hit the jackpot (last gambling metaphor, promise). They really put the time and effort into this place to make it special and transport you to another world.

It was less dude bro than this. Lots of families when we were there. Vegas is dope.

So you chill out in this dope, dank ass space and they just bring you course after course of delicious food. I was honestly expecting the food to be “Okay” at best, but it was fucking bomb. And then as you’re eating it, hot girls come out and dance to really loud Moroccan music.

What? Why doesn’t every town have this? It’s so great. Do you like shrimp scampi and hummus and kabobs and babaganoush and everything that’s good? This place is sick. Definitely gonna hit it up when we’re back in town.

Marrakech is weird and stylish and fun and you should go there.


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