Please Give Me 6 Million Dollars


Holy shit.

Yes. Yes. Yes.
Oh god. This isn’t okay.
I’m gonna freak out.
Okay I’m freaking out.
Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.
Literally can’t breathe right now.
No one:
Absolutely no one:
Please don’t do this to me.
We good? I’m gonna go.

1 thought on “Please Give Me 6 Million Dollars”

  1. Hey dude! Sorry, I’m sure this kind of thing goes elsewhere, but the “contact” link is broken (at least for me). I love your blog; reading what you post has really been getting me through it these days.

    Anyways, a friend sent me this house recently, and I really wanted to get your opinion on it. Thanks so much and keep up the incredible work! 🙂

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