Pink Is A Masculine Color

Can you imagine the weird stuff these people do in their spare time? I love them.

Today’s post is just going to be some cool images of pink interiors. I really want to live in each of these spaces. I don’t think we use pink enough in interior decorating. I know it was overused in the ’40s and ’50s, but it’s overdue for a come back.

So please enjoy these curated images and put some pink back in your life. You’ll be glad you did. It’s a powerful and happy color.

It’s always hard to tell the difference between Art Deco and Art Nouveau. But I think this is Deco given the simple lines. That mirror really ties this room together.
We currently live in the future and I’m mad our interiors don’t look this futuristic.
People hate carpet in bathrooms but at one point it was the height of luxury and this bathroom is posh af.
This is a subtle minimal pink with a bold piece of modern art. A little pink can go a long way. I’d feel like such a coke dealer in this house. I <3 it.
Why can’t I just casually fuck with a panther in my house? I think this is Art Nouveau. I’m sure this woman is like 65 now, but if she’s reading this now. Call me.

See you tomorrow guys!

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