Music and Vibes – Let’s Do This

This is how I feel about all of these spaces. Please play this while you view the following images.
If this was a studio apartment, I wouldn’t leave until I was a corpse.
I don’t know that this is Swedish, but I’m going to assume. Those Swedes are amazing.
I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t want to spend every Thursday Night in this room.
So many patterns. So much gradients on appliances. Real talk though – that eggplant accent up on the soffit is giving me life.
Hi I’m a pet psychic and I believe in angels.
I cant relax. This space is making me hyperventilate with excitement. It is too much.
How much is a step down tub? Google? Tell me now.
Okay, now I’m just showing off. I want this bathroom and I want my face in the lightening bolt. Thanks. Please. Okay. Thank you.
Oh. Dramatic lighting? Textured Walls? Vintage Computers? Mid Century Furniture? That should be my Tinder profile. For sure. Also the Commodore PET kind of sucks. A vintage Mac or a C64 would be WAY more fun.

1 thought on “Music and Vibes – Let’s Do This

  1. I want those top four photos and the step down tub bathroom all in the same house. Bedroom, Family Room, Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom. Maybe the foyer with the lightning bolt. I want to live in a house where every room is a different color theme. A different mood, a different design, yet all working together to some strange perfection.

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