If Shrek was a Millionaire.

If you want to impress a horse girl – this is the place.

One of my favorite interior designers is David Synder. I found this image in his book “Epoustouflant” which means “I’m a pretentious asshole but at least I know what I’m doing.”

I like spaces with color – but clearly this space is monochromatic. This is a lot of green. No one will walk into this room and be like “Oh man. I think you’re missing some green.” I agree – it’s a bit much. Even the plates are green.

But look at it. Look at how those over-sized horse heads pop. Look at how that zebra rug stands out.

Is this a good idea? No. It’s really not. I don’t like this space for myself. But I love how bold it is. I love how unique and individualized it is. I love how this is all about the person who lives in this space. If you’re a visitor – you know that this isn’t your home. You know you’re a guest. I love that power move.

Let’s compare this to a contemporary designed space.

Hi my name is Tamryn and this is my living room. I love ice water and the sitcom Friends.

Like seriously. Who the fuck lives in this space above? The worlds most boring person? The lady from HR? It’s clean, it’s modern, and I’m sure everything in that room is expensive as hell. But – look at it – JUST LOOK AT IT. The only bit of color is that plant, and that’s only cuz God hasn’t made white trees yet.

At least with Dr. Shrek’s house in the first picture – you can get a sense for who that person is.

We no longer live in spaces designed for ourselves. We live in curated boxes perpetually seeking the approval of others. I’m bored.

5 thoughts on “If Shrek was a Millionaire.

    • I’m sorry that Tamryn wrote you up for calling your co-worker studious and she thought that meant stupid and took offense to it.

  1. The last sentence is so totally true. I finally have more than a room or studio to live in and I’m afraid of decorating it, afraid of the judgement of certain people that might see it. I’m slowly letting things ‘happen’ and fall into place. I have eclectic tastes.

    • Michelle, Please do what feels good and brings you joy. There are people, like myself, who will appreciate your aesthetic. Design it how you want. Go crazy. Show me what you do.

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