The Loss of Choice

Contrasting wall and ceiling accentuate the shape and architecture of the room. The huge (probably fake) palm tree compliments the custom vertical blinds.

Today we’re going to stay in the ’80s, but the bachelor uncle aesthetic overlaps about 4 decades. Mid century modern late ’60s stuff into the early ’90s make up the core of the vibe. Not everything from those decades. Only certain things.

Since the ’60s, we’ve had amazing advancements in technology and manufacturing, but style had devolved from an infinite palette of choices into an achromatic mess of blandness.

Whoever lives here fucks.

Refrigerators in the ’50s and ’60s came in pink, red, white, blue, yellow. Then we moved into the ’70s and we got Avocado, Harvest Gold. Pink and White and black options extended into the ’80s. But now? White, Black or Steel.

We can make things better than any period in human history, and we choose to make boring bland spaces that aren’t for anyone. People spend their whole lives in homes that say absolutely nothing about them.

Say what you will about gaudy excesses of the ’80s aesthetic and the absurdity of Memphis design – but they are NOT boring. They don’t have rules. They are alive with life and color. They are bright and unique. They look like SOMEONE WEIRD AND COOL lives there.

Tucker thinks this looks like Adult Chuck E. Cheese.
I think it looks dope. Look at all the subtle nods to Art Deco!

You don’t even have to be rich, as evidenced by the 2nd picture. Lighting, color, shape – these are all important things that give a space an identity.

If I have to see another white wall or tan carpet I’ll die.

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