Glass Block Sunday

How can I live this lifestyle? What do I have to do for a living?

Plus some other other images that aren’t glass block but make me want to eat a pizza and watch the USA Original Series Highlander starring Adrian Paul.

No bad days.
I bet all of these places have been “renovated” and made worse.
BRO! I need this. This is gorgeous.
They liked Glass Block in the 1930s guys.
Always been amazing. Always been perfect.
The other day I got kicked off a Shih Tzu owners Facebook group cuz I called this boomer lady “Dude” and she freaked out on me.
I want to work here. I wonder what this company did.
Everything is right.
I’m not one for poster beds. But I will make an exception here.
I love this coffee table. I love that weird ass fucking deer. I love the mirrors and the archway. The ghost tables are cool. I don’t know why this house has two living rooms next to each other, but I want attend a weird party here.
I wonder if any apartments like this still exist in New York City. I bet this room smelled like Brut, Windex and promise. I know it didn’t age well, but man, I would be a happy Wall Street runner if I could live here.

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