Do You Even Rug, Bro? In Praise of Momeni

This is the rug I have. Isn’t it nice?

I read somewhere that American’s don’t know how to rug. Like at all. We buy undersized rugs and it makes our rooms seem weird. Did you know that your furniture is supposed to be completely on your rugs? I bet you didn’t.

There’s this terrible advice that someone posted on a GeoCities site in 1997 that said that all you need is the front legs of your couch on the rug and it gives the illusion of having a much bigger room and rug.

You know who said that? A broke-ass who doesn’t care about anything. But that’s not you fellow Uncle. Your home is your castle. So let’s do this right.

Get all your furniture on your rug. Doesn’t that feel nice? It’s so nice.

The biggest problem is finding rugs that work. Anyone can find an 8 x 10 rug at Target or Ikea and try to make it work. But that’s too small. It’s not a good size guys. The rug in my living room is 11 x 14. It’s a girthy majestic monster.

I’m a huge fan of the Momeni New Wave collection. It’s a wool and silk rug that actually comes in appropriate sizes and shapes. They make them in circles. They make them as runners. They have small ones. But more importantly, they have really nice large ones.

You know you want to live in a Gustav Klimt painting. Now you can.

We’ll talk more about color theory in future posts here, but for me, getting my Momeni rug really created the foundation that the rest of my living room decor was based on. The colors and shapes really created a perfect jumping off point that allowed me to curate a vision.

Look at how the end tables match the lines in the rug. That rose color is perfect on the wall and accented on the rug. (But get that furniture on the rug dude.)

So what did we learn here today? Momeni Rugs are dope. They last forever. They come in insane modern cool styles. Put your furniture on the fucking thing. Don’t be afraid of color. Use your rug to create your room.

Man we learned a lot today.

I want to see you create a room around this rug.
Color theory is so cool. Doesn’t this just feel so good? Especially at sunset.
(Put your furniture on the rug you fucking doofus.)
If this person bought a bigger rug, they really would have a really cool room here. But they skimped out and now they look broke as hell.
If you have to have an achromatic atonal mess – please at least do something bold with geometry and shape. This is a cool compromise.

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    • Hell yeah. I love that idea! Just don’t pair a grey rug with a grey or white couch and tan lamps. I will come to your house and murder your family.

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