Designed for Sex

The best drug to have sex on is birth control. Molly is second best.

Let’s face it – The fact that we deny sexuality in our interior design seems really strange. So much of what we do from the age of puberty on up is to attract mates and have sex. From our careers, choice in cars, choice in clothing, choice of makeup or working out – we’re all just trying to fuck. There are other reasons, for sure, but human beings love to bang it out and we devote an inordinate amount of money, time and effort to finding companionship and a sexual partner.

Why is it that when it comes to our homes we create these sterile environments that look more like doctor’s waiting rooms than a place to get down?

This was literally found on a list entitled “18 modern bedrooms you won’t ever want to leave” but I think you won’t want to leave because you’ll have died of boredom.

So there’s a stereotype of dark purple rooms with mirrors on the ceiling where some Lothario woos women with self-esteem issues back to his stabbin’ cabin. It’s absolutely ridiculous. Is it because our country was founded by Puritans that we refuse to acknowledge our own sexuality in our own spaces?

Everyone’s sexuality is different and expressed differently. Maybe you’re a “go on all the rides” kind of dude. It could be that you’re a Tantric yoga sex god and you like sex to be more spiritual and beautiful. Whatever you want, I urge you to incorporate your sexuality into your home. White walls, white blankets, tan floors and tasteful muted blinds is no one’s sexuality. Sex is colorful and passionate and bright. It is explosive and personal and amazing. Sex is not clean and it’s not always pretty. It’s not “modern and sensible”. It’s ancient and primal and dirty.

I mean…

Don’t be ashamed of your sexuality. There’s no one on this planet where sexuality isn’t a huge part of their identity. Let your home reflect your whole being. Bang it out dudes. Have fun in your home. It’s where you’re going to spend most of your life.

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