Cool Vibes – Bachelor Uncle Sunday

Before this became a blog, it was just me posting pics on my Facebook page. This Sunday, I’m going to just embed a cool song played on an underrated synth, and some pics I’ve collected over the past few months. Hit play on the following video and listen as you scroll through some sweet pictures.
Let’s just chill out together guys.
I love the use of turquoise. Dunno about that wicker though. What an amazing room.
Hi. I’m the richest man on Tatooine.
People don’t have enough dead plant alcoves anymore.
The bad nights take forever and the good nights don’t ever seem to last.
Our light bulb and marble polish budget is $83,000 a week.
You’d never see such bold color choices today. It’s a shame. This is gorgeous.
Hi it’s the 1970’s and I love house plants and unprotected sex with strangers.
Welcome to my painted pillar room. Please enjoy this state of the art 12 inch TV. I hope you know what this room is for, cuz I don’t.
Plant alcoves need to come back. The vibes in here are so cool.
Here at Cyberdyne computer labs, we are always looking to push technology into the future. Portable fax machines and pocket picture frames are our newest invention!
How can you not be the happiest person in this space? Why can’t we be this happy everyday?
See, if you’re going to go all white, you need to play with shape, function, form and lighting. You can’t just have an all white space that isn’t supremely weird. Those chairs look uncomfortable, but I’d watch Ghostbusters in here, for sure.
Kitchen goals.

Anyway, that’s some cool things I like looking at today. I hope you did too.

Let’s have a good week.

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