Circles Serve A Purpose

Why do I feel like those pictures in the back are of naked ladies?

There used to be a serious premium placed on conversation in the interior design of the past. Conversation pits. Conversation Couches. Booths. Etc. I can imagine just piling into these booths with all kinds of never-do-wells and laughing all night.

Carpet used to be a textural element that aided in said conversation. It acted to dampen reflection of sound, creating a comfortable, quiet space where hearing your friends was easy and without strain or fatigue.

I’d be remiss if we didn’t touch on the lighting elements. Obviously your initial attention is drawn to that figural polymer lamp – but it’s the soft up-lighting tucked in the ceiling and the glowing structural pillar, that really set the mood.

Warm soft lights that are indirect create a space where you’re not staring at light bulbs, squinting at brightness. The warm woods, yellows, browns, create a space where people look good.

This room looks quiet, cozy, masculine, clandestine and comfortable. This is a place to spend time and be proud of who you are. This is not a sterile white fortress of solitude (though being alone in here would be great), this is a room built for conversation. communion and love. Sweet sweet love.

2 thoughts on “Circles Serve A Purpose

  1. That circle setup/table has me foaming at the mouth.
    Ikea has those stupid cheap pendant lamps that are the worst appropriation of something like in this pic. I tried to figure out what is in those pics and I don’t think it’s naked laydees but wish they were. Maybe some of them?

    • It does look like an Ikea lamp – which is unfortunate. Have you ever seen Ikea’s take on the classic Eames lounger? It makes me want to punch a baby.

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