’80s Vibes and Hypermall Tunes – Sunday Chillout

Please play this for your family. They won’t hate you. I promise.

It’s almost Christmas time. I have no real desire to do much with that information. I just wanted to share some pictures with you that bring me joy and fill me with warmth and longing. But please listen to this Vaporwave Christmas mix. It’s been one of my favorite for a few years.

Powerboy Business Meetings.
I am starting to really warm up to yellow. It’s a happy color.
Remember when everyone had a pile of sticks and leaves in an unattended bowl on their table and it smelled like handsoap?
I would gladly get VD in this house.
Is nautical Memphis style a thing? Can it be? Let’s start it.
Lowe’s won’t let me have free palm trees and I don’t want to spend 60 dollars on one.
Memphis Century Modern? I don’t know. Look. Yellow.
Why is beautiful compelling architecture out of reach for most people? Why isn’t there a middle class architect? I hate it.
Okay real talk. It’s fucking hard to find a TV like that anymore. It’s easy to find the old wood consoles and the early 2000’s CRTs but a good high end ’80s boxy sets? Damn near impossible. It’s bullshit!

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