Welcome home. We eat ass here.

What is Bachelor Uncle?

I’ve always liked color and wood and steel and dark spaces. I’ve loved neon and mirrors and gold finishes. I love conversion vans, Trans Ams, Disco Balls. I love Patrick Nagel Paintings. I love shag carpeting and marble walls. I love the hard masculine edges of Mid-Century Modern but also the soft whimsy of ’80s modern. I love vintage computers, gadgets, Virtual Reality and round leather beds. Bachelor Uncle is the aesthetic of a non-traditional masculinity. It’s pink and leather and wood and neon. It takes cues from the late ’60s through the early ’90s mostly – but there are modern things that fit too.

Over time, through these posts, I’ll be able to better describe and articulate what the Bachelor Uncle aesthetic is. I hope you like to get weird.

Where do you get your pictures?

I steal them off other websites or take pictures of things I’ve made/purchased/seen on OfferUp or Craigslist. Sometimes I just take pictures of cool things I find in books. I don’t own the rights to most of this stuff. If you see a picture of yours, and you want credit, just email me and I’ll make it happen. If you demand I take it down – you can eat a dick.

Why did you make this site?

Tucker made me do it.

Can I submit something?

Fuck yeah dude.

Can I send you something?

Yeah totally. I need to set up a P.O. Box or something – but until then – just hit the Contact page and I’ll get you my address. Please don’t be bad weird (good weird is encouraged).