Monoculture – The Crushing Death of Everything, Part 1

There is a lot of romanticism of the past. I wonder if it was just as hard to find unique and colorful pieces back then, but archival evidence says it’s not. In Sears catalogs and local show rooms, there were dozens of color options for everything ranging from couches to refrigerators. Every brand had it’s … Read moreMonoculture – The Crushing Death of Everything, Part 1

Do You Even Rug, Bro? In Praise of Momeni

I read somewhere that American’s don’t know how to rug. Like at all. We buy undersized rugs and it makes our rooms seem weird. Did you know that your furniture is supposed to be completely on your rugs? I bet you didn’t. There’s this terrible advice that someone posted on a GeoCities site in 1997 … Read moreDo You Even Rug, Bro? In Praise of Momeni

Vintage Minimalism – Bachelor Uncle Sunday

Current design trends are rife with minimalist designs. Marie Kondo is a scourge of locusts that has descended upon the landscape that is personal expression. “Hold your objects and see if they spark joy, and if not, throw it out.” Pardon my french, but, Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Nothing offends me more than this desire … Read moreVintage Minimalism – Bachelor Uncle Sunday

Logan 5 – Bachelor Uncle of the Week

Logan’s run is one of the most R-rated PG movies ever made. Nudity? CheckViolence? CheckDrugs? CheckCoked out Farrah Fawcett? Cheeeeeeeeck. Now, I know what you’re going to say “But Jack, Logan 5 is a Cop!” You’re correct – he is a cop at the beginning of this movie. It’s unfortunate. Bachelor Uncles by nature are … Read moreLogan 5 – Bachelor Uncle of the Week