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After the book deal, Frodo went pretty bougie.

I don’t want to be a blog that posts about current events all the time. I don’t really have anything to say about world events or COVID19 that hasn’t been said a million times by millions of other people. I’ve been finding it hard to write with all that is going on and finding the time. I still have all these ideas for this blog, but, finding the motivation when you’re barely holding on to sanity feels daunting under the best of circumstances.

This blog was always designed for a way for me to quickly upload images or bang out ideas and shoot them out into the void. As my articles got longer, and better researched, the less I found myself updating and making time for the updates. You can see posts from last year where I would just post one image and say one thing.

I want to get back to that flow. So hopefully you’ll see more posts, more frequently even if they’re shorter and less researched. Mainly I’m here to flesh out the concept of the Bachelor Uncle as an aesthetic style. So that’s what we’ll do. Which brings us to:

Bruce Goff! What a fucking boss.

I really need to live here for a minimum of 2 lifetimes.

I don’t know what he was like as a dude. He was an architect so he probably a pretty awful human being. But his builds are amazing. Here are some I really like.

Mid-Century Desert Peacock architecture has yet to catch on. But it should!
Homeboy single-handedly created the market for cullet slag glass. He used this shit cuz it was free and looked cool. Now, that shit is so fucking expensive.
His tamest pieces are still amazing. Look at those lines. Even the siding work has layers of dimensionality to it that I love.
I love that while MCM architecture is very much associated with straight lines, Bruce started playing with circles and cones and different shapes. Can you imagine trying to replace one of those windows? Renewal By Anderson would be having a fit.
I got in a fight with a woman on a Facebook group over this house.
There’s a lot going on here. All of it is good.
Bruce Goff is credited with creating the sunken living room. He also was a big fan of atrium like structures in the middle of the room. It’s hard to see a space like this and not imagine being infinitely stimulated inside of it. I feel like a room like this would just make you a better person.
Another (more humble) example of the atrium-like vertical focal points he likes to include in his interiors. Amazing, wonderful stuff. This house, was for sale 2 years ago for only 200,000 dollars and I want to buy it so bad.
But unfortunately it is in Joplin, Missouri, which all my friends and colleagues assure me is a cesspool of hickdom, anti-intellectualism, tornadoes and disease. Hard pass on that shit.
 I swear, America’s greatest architects must have conferred with God when they decided to build their houses. God put the male G spot in the butt, and Bruce Goff put these houses in Missouri. Same fucking thing.

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