Bachelor Uncle Brands – Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen has to be run exclusively by Bachelor Uncles. Their designs are elegant and modern, but they are out there. Their obsession with glass, steel and wood fits in great with contemporary and mid century architecture, but they do not have soft lines. They really understand that a device should look good when … Read moreBachelor Uncle Brands – Bang & Olufsen

Lester Gaba – Bachelor Uncle of the Week

Lester Gaba is nuts. But he’s my kind of nuts. Lester was a weird man. A profoundly strange man. But like a lot of strange men, he had very particular tastes and the gumption to turn them into something. But old creepface up there decided that he would craft himself the hottest, best, and most … Read moreLester Gaba – Bachelor Uncle of the Week

Granite Countertops Look Like Granola Bars

That’s it. That’s all I really wanted to say. Granite countertops look terrible and have always looked terrible. They look like someone shellac’d a granola bar and started using it in Tuscan inspired kitchens. But because it’s Sunday, and I feel I should say more. I will. But really, the entire point of this article … Read moreGranite Countertops Look Like Granola Bars

Monoculture Part 2- China’s Brilliant Plan For World Domination

I have a friend who is a local artist. She designs sells cool witchy stuff at reasonable prices. It’s hip and usually ahead of trend, and she’s incredibly talented and driven. She’s not a huge brand, and yet even she is a victim of China’s world domination plans. Before we start this, please go visit … Read moreMonoculture Part 2- China’s Brilliant Plan For World Domination